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Lamps for commercial useIf you own or manage commercial or public property like parking structures, parking lots, parks, roads, shopping centers, convention centers, hotels, etc  and you need to reduce your operating costs, and in the process reduce your impact on the environment then you need Induction Lighting.

The experts at ADG ECO Lighting Products have a solution to your lighting dilemma, through Induction Technology, we can make your space brighter while saving you money in operating and maintenance costs.

ADG's Induction lamps are technologically more advanced then Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Fluorescents and are easy to install or retrofit into existent posts and fixtures. This Energy Star Certified Technology also helps reduce the impact on the environment.

Induction Lighting Technology:
Ask us How!.

“It was such a pleasure working with Gerald.  During the concept phase, he created beautiful sketches to convey his design ideas. During the manufacturing phase, he found alternative materials to meet our budget.  And, during and after the installation phase, he went out of his way to make sure the final pieces were just right.”  
Deirdre Wallace,
Hotelier Ambrose Hotel

September 8, 2005

Induction Lighting

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